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Illustrators in Dubai

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Few months ago , i asked the French illustrator Olivier Bonhomme About his work and how he approach his illustration

What piece of advise can you give me to make illustrations more symbolic ?

A piece of advice? I mean, maybe trying to see a link between an idea and the most iconic visual reminiscence that is related to it

It's a complex thing

Startpoint is to master a bit the art of figurative representation, to have a grammar, a vocabulary, an "understandable" visual speech for the audience

then, focusing on the composition

build the image with precise lines, dynamics, graduation

why this element should be more important than this one in my illustration?

for example

Then it's a big work of self-consciousness and visual memory

"When I think about love, for example, what is the first image I see ?" But not a "cliché", something really personal

Building an illustration with sense is like a game of chess with yourself and the collective thoughts

you have to match both

I hope this will help you

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