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How can Artists make the perfect plane?

DONT, yes don't

a lot of us fall into the pressure of having the perfect plane, the pressure of committing to it

, but in a time when the world flips upside down, a time we don't know what tomorrow gonna happen, we must never have the pressure of creating a plane that will only make us Self Doubt!

Lets instead create a Compass, it leads to where we want to go, sometimes the wind shift our direction a little , embrace it, go with it, see different opportunities, then redirect again .

"Planning is ultimately futile. The paradoxical logic of strategy tells us that no matter how accurate our maps, plans, and machinations, the world is a dynamic system, and thus our actions will cause reactions which will in turn change our actions accordingly. We should remain flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Embrace disruption. Adapt and don’t die."

Jason Silva .

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